Affiliate Marketing Domination – Winning The Affiliate Wars!

Dominating affiliate marketing and becoming a super affiliate isn’t easy – it’s a real jungle out there in the affiliate marketing wars. Every other affiliate is also trying to make the sale – of the same product!

Since we were old enough to go to school, we’ve been pressured to fit in and be like everybody else. But now it’s time to venture out into new territory, be different and learn to be a winning competitor if you hope to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Unless you’re a true Type A personality, this means some radical changes for you – no longer worrying about fitting in, being ok with making people jealous of you, ignoring those who talk behind your back – all necessary qualities in every super-affiliate and most others who want to have successful affiliate marketing businesses online.

And because affiliate marketing really IS a business in it’s own right, first you have to make sure that you have your own website dedicated to your affiliate marketing promotions. This is vital as it allows you to build your own affiliate marketing opt-in lists and an avenue to promote numerous affiliate opportunities and products instead of promoting just one affiliate link at a time – and having to start all over again for the next affiliate promotion you push.

Next up, always avoid using the affiliate marketing promotional materials that are provided by the affiliate manager or merchant. You will find that you make more sales when you create your own material, including free gifts such as e-books and reports. Use the copy and e-mails provided as a basis for your own articles and blog posts, and study them for any great selling points that were missed – those are the type of points to really hammer home and separate yourself from the affiliate marketing wannabes…

While you promote affiliate products in your affiliate marketing promotions, be sure to promote your website and your opt-in list more than you promote anything else. Super affiliates use article marketing, pay per click ads, forum signatures, social bookmarking and other Web 2.0 methods to drive targeted traffic to their affiliate marketing websites and opt-in lists, then promote the specific affiliate products to their opt-in lists and on their websites. Remember – bring the traffic to YOU – THEN send it to them.

Once in a while, offer bonus gifts to those who purchase through your affiliate marketing links. You can create your own gifts, or use private label rights products. Most affiliates don’t do this, however most of the super affiliates do.

Save it for the more expensive affiliate marketing promotions though – it becomes less effective if you are constantly offering bonuses and, worse yet, you can end up like some who no longer get a buying response from their lists unless they offer some heavy-duty bonuses. If you condition your audience to always buying for the bonuses, you’ll see your affiliate marketing results dropping when you don’t have new bonuses for them.

Another powerful affiliate marketing tactic is to host teleseminars to promote affiliate products. Your teleseminars MUST give your listeners useful information that they can use – and must be on a topic related to the affiliate product you’re promoting. Don’t make the bulk of the call a sales pitch – not only will they hang up, but they’ll avoid your calls in future.

Give them good solid information, either on your own or through an interview, for 55 minutes of a 1-hour call, then use that last five minutes to direct them to the affiliate offer on YOUR affiliate marketing website. Get their opt-in and then funnel them through to the merchant’s salespage – and watch the nice bump you get in your affiliate marketing commissions!

If most of your affiliate marketing activities are in the same niche, write and submit articles on a regular basis. Get your name out there and become a recognized expert in your niche. Also make it a point to actively participate in related forums and newsgroups – always with a link to your site in your signature. As your name recognition and credibility grow, so will the profits you’re raking in from your affiliate marketing efforts!

In summary, always strive to do things just a bit differently to stand out from the rest of the affiliate marketing crowd, but don’t ignore any of the proven marketing methods just because other affiliates are using them. Use EVERY affiliate marketing strategy you can – just be sure to ALWAYS put your own spin on them!

Super affiliate Doug Champigny is a recognized master at combining Web 2.0 techniques with traditional affiliate marketing tactics to stay on the JV leaderboards. To help other affiliates succeed, Doug also publishes the Affiliate Marketing Blog.

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